A Puisseguin-St-Emilion
confidential wich will
awaken your senses.


To share and to savour passionately, « le Château de l’Anglais » is also an estate where wines to be kept and younger wines are side by side to give vintage wines that will go perfectly together with any moment. A deep ruby colour, an honest and fruity bouquet, a smooth texture and refined tannins, make this Anglais a french wine for which we can easily succumb!

The great tradition of Bordeaux wines

« Le domaine de l’Anglais » is a small domain which cultivates a fine wine in the great tradition of Bordeaux wines. The estate is nestled in the heart of the hillsides of the AOC Puisseguin-St-Émilion soil.

Landmark in men's memory, the cultivation of the vine has always been a family affair and a story of passion. Puisseguin-St-Émilion gets its name from a story dating back to the eighth century. A lieutenant of Charlemagne, named Seguin, fell under the charms of the woody hills of the region and decided to settle on the Puy located across the plateau of St-Émilion.

Therafter, the lands of the former lieutenant were naturally called Puisseguin-St-Émilion.

There is also a legend which relates the following story: in 1453, just after the 100 Years War, a soldier from Talbot army would have remained in France and settled on part of the Puisseguin slopes to create his haven of peace: « le domaine de l’Anglais».